St. Nicholas College of Professional Studies is a well-established TVET (skills and talents) college that was started in 2019 first as the training arm of St. Nicholas Teachers Training College (which is a renowned institution that supports teacher training and development) before becoming a fully fledged TVET college. We are accredited to NITA, City and Guilds and KNEC Exam bodies. We also offer quality in-house trainings, courses and exams.

Our experienced team of professionals also offers training in institutional governance, leadership and ethics amongst a variety of other customized programs tailor made to suit each institution’s unique needs. We leverage on best practices in the industry to deliver effective and results oriented trainings.

The trainings are designed to be hands on with practical sessions offering opportunities for creativity, discussions and application of learnt information to enhance problem solving and logical thinking skills that equip the participant with the expertise and confidence to successfully deliver.

Code of Ethics:

Our promise to our clients/Students is that we will;-

• Handle every student with professionalism and integrity
• Adhere to our core values as our guiding principles
• Deliver our mandate and offer high quality training that competes favorably with best practice in the industry

Our Objectives: 

• To provide in-depth hands-on training
• To provide mentorship and coaching opportunities
• To set high standards for best practice and bench marking opportunities
• To offer effective and efficient guidance in sound leadership, ethical and governance structures
• To effectively integrate technology, skills and talents into the development of professionals.